Here is an example of a product label in the food sector. Note that for this example, the QR code takes you to the page, since they are the registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) that manages the review process of FOOD product claims.

Examples of Criteria to earn a Verify it Green “check mark” in the FOOD sector:


Pesticide and Antibiotic Free and/or Organic

Producers disclose additives in their farming or raising animals. Since some hydroponic indoor farming is not deemed organic those producers will not be penalized so long as they’re not using pesticides. Stars come when product is produced pesticide and antibiotic free.


Transportation distance from Farm to Shelf, or Farm to Local Distribution Hub.

In the online questionnaire, the producer submits the number of miles, the number of units per truck/rail, and any special considerations like shipping with electric or hydrogen trucks. The calculator then determines the CO2 emissions on a scale relative to the US average. To earn a star, the producer needs to either be less than 100 miles or use renewable energy vehicles.


Turn a star, producer has to be 50% less than the US average per unit. Indoor farming will earn stars here.


Producers submit utility consumption in kilowatt hours and natural gas relative to a certain volume of harvest.

Special considerations may include solar powered or wind powered facilities and carbon offsets for energy consumption. To earn a star, the producer has to be 50% less than the US average energy cost. In the case of indoor farming, the LED lighting may preclude producers from earning a star in this section.


Producers disclose wages that they pay. The earn a star producers have to pay employees and staff at least minimum wage per hour. The preference is a “living wage” salary, which is subject to data in each state and/or country.